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On August 7, 2019, based on the common understanding of China's new energy automobile industry and the opportunity of industry technology development, taking advantage of Qixi Festival, Magpie Bridge, Hanyu Group and Great Wall Huaguan successfully “hand in hand”, officially launched the strategic cooperation drive Assembly project.

Hanyu Group, which has been committed to the research of key technologies for new energy vehicles, has collaborated with Great Wall Huaguan, which has a leading automotive design technology system and first-class hardware facilities, to jointly innovate and research and develop new magnetic fields for the development of new energy vehicle industry.

Li Ke, general manager of Hanyu Group's automotive core department, presided over the conference and kicked off the conference.

》》 One vision, one mission

Shi Huashan, Chairman of Hanyu Group, said that after many contacts with Great Wall Huaguan, the two parties hit each other on the technological innovation research and development of the new energy automobile industry and the promotion of the concept of green environmental protection. brilliant.

Chairman Shi Huashan hopes that this cooperation can jointly promote the development of China's new energy vehicle industry, build a world-class new energy vehicle production base, and have full confidence in the development of the industry in the future.

Lu Qun, Chairman of Great Wall Huaguan Group, came to Hanyu Group and said that the development process of Hanyu Group has many similarities with Great Wall Huaguan. They are committed to technological innovation and research and development, and are determined to become a world-class top company.

Chairman Lu Qun said that the industry of new energy vehicles is very promising, but also challenging, and also faces fierce competition from international peers. I hope that after working closely with Hanyu Group, we can work together to innovate, make the best technology, make the best products, and make the company the world's best.

》》 Strong cooperation makes a lot of sense

At the meeting, Mr. Tang Ruilin, a senior consultant of Great Wall Huaguan Group, talked about the far-reaching significance of the cooperation between the two parties to the new energy automobile industry in China. Mr. Tang Ruilin is proud of China's ability to breed companies with a sense of national mission and lofty ideals, such as Hanyu Group and Great Wall Huaguan, and expressed such brilliant achievements that Hanyu Group has achieved in the new energy vehicle industry in a short time. Admiration.

Tang Ruilin pointed out that electric vehicles will still occupy the leading position in the field of new energy vehicles in the future, and he hopes that the two sides can learn from each other after cooperation and learn from each other's strengths to make China's new energy vehicle industry develop faster and better.

》》 Powertrain Project

Later, Mr. Liu Tianming, Technical Director of Huate Drive Center introduced the future cooperation projects. In the development of the powertrain project, the HG10 vehicle platform drive motor can achieve multi-objective optimization of new energy, efficiency and cost of the vehicle. In addition, we have developed in-depth development of low-power power units for AGV unmanned vehicles, so that we can freely combine them according to the power and torque requirements of the entire vehicle.

Mr. Liu Tianming said that in the technological development of the joint venture, the machinery will be electronic, the vehicle will be modular, and the core will be fragmented. The technical barriers will be broken, and OS and APP applications that do not rely on hardware will be developed.

The conference also showed the future product positioning plan of the joint venture company in four fields: power system domain, body electronics domain, intelligent cockpit domain, and composite new material domain.

Finally, Chairman Shi Huashan addressed the conference. He hoped that the younger generation of China can shoulder the heavy responsibility of history and hope that more new forces can join the field of new energy vehicles in China.

The future is here!

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