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崇武英雄世界自由搏击城市巡回赛(江门站)在现场观众热情的喝彩声中圆满落幕。 On the evening of October 19, the "Hanyu Group · Microcharger Network Night" Chongwu Heroes World Free Fight City Tour (Jiangmen Station) ended with a warm applause from the audience.

At this station, masters from the world's A-level free kick match gathered in Jiangmen, the hometown of overseas Chinese, and presented 11 exciting fights with extraordinary climaxes. Among them, Jiang Chunpeng, the former captain of the Chinese Sanda team, who has been known as Jiang Long and the King of KO, made a strong comeback in the event that night, staging the return of the king.

的拳王金腰带争夺赛,由姜春鹏对阵日本选手雄人。 The focal event of the night was this 80kg boxer gold belt competition, where Jiang Chunpeng played against Japanese players. Although Jiang Chunpeng has been away from the ring for many years, he is still aggressive after standing on the field again.

Jiang Chunpeng's heavy punches, legs and knees caused a great sense of oppression and injury to the male. Although the strong man counterattacked when Jiang Chunpeng's physical fitness fell, encouraged by the audience, Jiang Chunpeng insisted on clinging to the end. ,拿下了这条80公斤金腰带。 In the final three rounds, Jiang Chunpeng defeated the male with a total score of 30:26 and won the 80 kg gold belt.

After the game, Jiang Chunpeng said that the victory was the reward of long-term hard work, and thanked the organizers and sponsors for giving him a platform that will allow him to return to the event and continue to convey the strength and hard work of China to the world.

的支持源源不断。 The boxers are fighting hard on the field, and there is a steady stream of support from the micro-charge network . 为选手们传递中国力量,让现场观众零距离感受到自由搏击带来的热血激情! Hanyu Group ’s wholly-owned subsidiary Microcharging Network not only supported by the title during the event, but also organized a group of “hardcore boxing fans” during the competition to pass on the Chinese power to the players, allowing the live audience to feel the freedom of combat Passionate passion!

Geming Wu, vice president of Hanyu Group (third from left) presents awards to winners

The best defense comes from offense, the best protection comes from micro-charge

Ma Chunshou, vice president of Hanyu Group (second from left in the second row) and Yu Huaijun, general manager of microcharger network (second from the left in the second row) cheer for the players at the scene

Passing on Chinese power and cheering Chinese boxers

Microcharger baby detonates the scene atmosphere

During the period, the chairman of Hanyu Group Shi Huashan and Liang Yingguang came to the scene to support and cheer for the contestants, and send their blessings and encouragement.

Hanhua Group Chairman Shi Huashan (fifth from left) and Liang Yingguang (third from left)

The successful holding of this event not only provided an international free-fighting event feast for the majority of the people in Jiangmen, but also made a positive contribution to the country's sports industry. At the same time, its subsidiary, Microcharger Network, also fully demonstrated to society A brand new brand value and image. In the future, micro-charge network will create wonderful with you!

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